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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Dark Age Spearmen

More of my "didn't get it finished during the challenge collection"
I had fun using the Norse Galles and the Irish also look interesting for Saga Armies. Both share Javelin/spear ment So I decided I needed a few more of these. I tried to mix Christian and Pagan images in this unit as it seemed right for Dark Age Ireland. On the right two soldiers in rich blue with helms one is clearly using the other is an ambiguous design. The other two are probably pagans rhunes decorate one's shield the other is supposed to be a dragon... not sure I managed it
Three of these fourmen carry two weapons, and extra spear behind their shields for two of them and one has a hand ax hidden there.  The one with the blue and gold crosses just has his spear.
Side/back view of the two blue soldiers. 
The Pagans from the side and back view.
Here you can see the warrior with his "hidden" axe.
As a group these guys have a great action poses they will make and interesting unit for Saga, Dragon Rampant and many other games.