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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Colonal James Barrett House

My Friend Steven Taskovics once described this location as the most imporatnt Historic Home in Massachustes.   This is the home were a portion of the Powder and Cannon hidden at Cocord was stored.  It was searched by British troops on April 19th and the men guarding Cocord's North Bridge where there becasue they needed to cover the route for use by the men sent here. 
Barrett was a colnonel of the local militia and was in over all command of the troops gathering up the road near the North Britde.   The house has been occupied up untill the early years of this century but it was in a very bad state.
Fortunatly the folks at Save Our Heritage  steped in and have done a mavoulous job of restoration.  Its now owned by the nattion part servce who are continuing to presurve it and use it for events.  Its alway the last stop on the subury marche
The origional fire place
A photographer who was travling with us wanted our pictures so I asked her to get a photo of me(in red) and Dwight (in blue) since I usualy don't get to apear in this blog. 
The Fire place includes a beehive oven for baking bread, pies etc.
The front stair way.
"powder" stors and tools for cannon.
a view up to the second floor where restoration work continues
Glass above the door way. 
This was above the door way to the room with the fireplace.  Ariana sugested it was a "hidden Mickey" but its more likely to allow air flow into the room while the door below is closed(this was suggested by Jess, a fellow renactor)