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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Sudbury March 2016

Yesterday for the Third time I did the March form Sudbury Town Hall to the old North Bridge in Concord (approximately 10 miles according to several fit bits, including my own, that tracked our march). The Sudbury Minute Company does this march every year and members of my own 4th Middlesex/Regiment Saintonge has several members who march each year.  
 Its mostly a lot of waking but Musket shots as salutes or for fun (as this shot to scare some wild turkeys) are fired as we march.
But mostly its walking, parts fo the trail diverge from the paved road and a small group of us follows these.  Its a trueth of being a soldier in any era that the most common experience is a long walk to people who want to kill you.
There is usually some high spirited pranks along the way as this years Colnonel, Brian Mixter, is pelted with pine cones.
Another point where the road blocks the modern from view... this was probably cleared farm land in 1775.
Still its easy to imagine its another time here.
Not so much here as we follow the Road form the Barret's farm all the way up the hill
until we reach the North Bridge visitors center and the Bridge beyond (I hope someone sends me a picture of the salute fired from the Bridge)
After 10+ miles of walking I feel great and its off to the Wayside Inn and then to Captain Rock's house for refreshment and rest.  In 1775 the hard part would just be starting since it here that the men of Sudbury and other nearby towns started their harassment of the British Retreat.  They would have had many miles yet to go.