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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Saga: Escort Mission Norse Gaels vs. Vikings

My Norse Gaels are escorting three VIPs to Dublin when a band of John's Viking's I have my Warlord (with a Danish Axe) two 4 man units of Danish axe armed warriors, a unit of 4 Ostmen, a unit of 8 Javelin armed warriors and 8 warriors with standard equipment.
Our VIPs are a Bard, a Witch and a Herald... Moving forward we spot Vikings lurking behind cover
and Bondie both, John has two units of each
The first unit of bondi engages one of my 4 man warriors units a Duel and Howling axes cut them down to size fast I trade four men dead for 6... had John not rolled so well it would have been even better
My Javelin armed men fire at the Warlord but are unable to hurt him...
John rushes in with his warlord and bondi...
He wins easily. I try to set a trap using the Who's Next challenge but John simply backs away.
Moving troops up is hard with the escorted VIPs needing the same activation as Ostmen.
John catches the Bard first...
Then the Witch.  Along the way I do take out one of his two units of Hired men but the best I can get is draw.
I drive back John's Bondi unit with my warriors and Warlord...
John gets very good saga dice... and rushes up to take out the old herald who proves to have some fight left in him. Three round of combat ensue...
At the end of it I have a badly wounded Herald but John has but one Hiredman left
Who is overwhelmed by my Warriors and war lord.  John concedes I will get the Herald off.  I have more men still in fighting shape but with only one of my escorted VIPs surviving the result is a draw.  A very interesting game.