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Friday, July 19, 2013

Warmachine at 3 Trolls

I made my way to 3Trolls last night for the Thursday night Warmachine/Hordes game night they have.  It was very busy with something between 8-10 players.  Andy (who with his father Richard owns and runs the store) gave me a learning game.  I had the forces of Kador (who have a Russian vibe) while he was running a clockwork army.  Andy's army had a very "army of Oz" feel to it which was rather cool.
My snipers drew first blood on his clockwork angles(proxy miniatures)
the I advanced but my berserker types took it on the chin.
He war-jacks have a lot of neat area affect weapons and heal them selves...
So it made sense to close in with the... Berserkers don't really care if they die do they?
I played my war casters (the Butcher) feet of blood lust and got in a bunch of really nasty shots crippling three of Andy's war-jacks and then...
shuck the hunter in around to hit Andy's war caster...

Andy concealed at this point he felt he could prolong the game but baring dice silliness he would loses eventually.  I enjoyed the game (its been two weeks since I played last!) I can see the appeal of the game as the use of focus to give your best troops (war Jacks) boost really give you the chance to manage your forces and to limit how the dice hurt you. Also the Chess like element of take out the leader and win means even if your getting trashed one good turn still score you the win, or the loss. Andy and I took a while to play but most of the other games were fairly quick not sure if this is part of the game design, the players list design or their general style of play.  Quick games are good as they leave more time for socializing, drinking and/or more games.