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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Re-building the JR Minature French Villa

  As I posted earlier this week I got the French Villa from Noble Knight less than perfect condition.  As I reported they gave me a full refund since they didn't ask me to return the damaged building I decided to see what I could do to put it back together.  I got a 5x6 inch base from a craft store and began assembling the pieces.
 I use woodland scenic glue to fix the large pieces on the base and then used a little super glue stick the pieces to each other just for a little extra strength.
With all the major pieces together the French Villa looks almost like new there are some cracks that are still visible but think I can cover that up with some paint and make it look like some battle damage or something. I'll up date this as I work on it so you can see how it goes.