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Monday, July 29, 2013

RSO Trucks for Flames of War

The Raupeschlepper, Ost (RSO) was built by the Germans in World War II to deal with the Russian Steppes.  Wheeled vehicles and even half-tracks have a hard time with the Russian snow and especially the Russian MUD.
I am planning to use these to haul my PaK40s which is one of their historical jobs.
I'm not sure why but to me this squat little truck with tank tracks just looks cool in some hard to define way.  I think its the way I can picture a cartoon face on the front end of it.
Naturally soldiers always have extra stuff that get hung off the side if it won't fit in the bed of the truck.
Now that I have several complete Flames of War armies I am realy enjoying filling in the support options so that each platoon can be complete if the scenario and/or the points allow.