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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Polish Farm

This is the Fire and Sword Polish Farm house I got as part of my winnings at Huzzah! Con back in may. I have to say its one of the best building I own.
Little details like the pile of fire wood really help bring this to life.  I may need to ad something to the windows but I am not sure so for now they are left in the black primer color.
The wood grain and thatch on the roof is very well done and realistic I cannot recommend these pieces enough. I understand the company has a US distributor now so I hope we will see these in the not to distant Future of the shelves of our local gaming stores.
The style of building is very old but so I could probably use this in games from the middle ages though the Eastern front of World War Two.  I have some plans for an expanded base with some additional scenery to really make this piece stand out.