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Friday, July 26, 2013

Snow Panzers 2

I got these two Panzer IVs in trade with my pal Harry. I gave him some old glory 15s Austrian Grnezers and some cavalry so he could start an Army for Maurice.  The deal worked out for me as I now have four of these tanks
I stuck with my winter theme for this army.  Painting the Panzer first in Valejo paints green ocher followed by a white wash (about 4 parts water to 1 part paint, that's very approximate). Then I finished it off with a dry brush in green ocher and snow flock. 

One issue I do want to address is the Schurzen this is the first time I have used Battle Fronts plastic schurzen and it sucks.   Half of my brackets broke so each is mounted with two instead of the 4 its supposed to get.  I am not inexperienced when it comes to removing pieces from a plastic spruce.  These parts look no better than the metal equivalents but are much harder to deal with.
I now have four Panzer IVs to from a platoon to complement my StuGs in a Panzer company.  I have Three snow StuGs I will have to get at least one more and I have to decide if want my HQ to be StuGs or Panzer IVs. (I can hear the Panther fans grumbling) I am hoping to get to give this army a spin down at the Whiz this Sunday.