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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Work In progress Pinkertons and "Cowboys"

 Posting some pictures of my "gang" for Gordon's big wild west game.  Rather than doing a traditional gang of Gunmen, out laws or a sheriff's posy I opted to go with a pair of Pinkerton Detectives with some local hired guns as back up.

The Pinkerton Detective Agency has  a "colorful" history serving as guards for President Lincoln, tracking down the first American Serial killer H. H. Holmes, and they were hired to hunt down various western out laws.

As fans of the Series Deadwood know the Pinkertons are not with out their dark side.  They were also used as enforces by rich individual protecting there interests though intimidation and force as portrayed in that series. The Pinkertons were also actively used as strike breakers most notably in Pittsburgh.

The two well dressed Gents with shotguns are my Pinkerton agents while the three more traditional looking 'cowboys' are the local talent they have hired provide them with knowledge of the area and strength in numbers.