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Monday, April 23, 2012

Sudbury March 2012

Salute at Barret's Farm

Advanced Party on part of the original Sudbury Road
For the crew at Adler hobby my apologies for not attending last Thursdays game night. I participated (for the 2nd time) in the Sudbury march on April 19th.   I consider this event to be one of the most insightful a reenactor can participate in.

There is no battle just a walk of about 8 or 10 miles (I have had both quoted to me but have not had the chance to measure the route I cannot say for sure).

We start the day at 5:45 AM out side Sudbury's town hall and march to Concord bridge, this year we arrived at about noon (an hour behind scheduled but more on that latter.)  Feeling for your self the cost in sore legs and sweat it takes to cover a long distance really makes you appreciate what soldiers of this (or any) period endure on the march. (and those guys didn't have rest stops with doughnuts!)

I set out with my Friends Steven Tascovits, Dana Rock, Brian Mixter, Tommy Tringale, Brian Bausk and Kieth Downer.  We (and a few other I do not know as well) made up advance guard moving at a faster pace ahead of the main-body and the music, the music is very loud and we didn't want to have to listen the whole way to the bridge.  We were hardly moving at what anyone would all a fast pace maybe 3.5 to 4.0 Miles per hour but we out ran our police escort (which had to stay with the main body) had plenty of time to take a few side routs were the old road as been bypassed by time (and the desire for straighter roads).

Each sucessive stop resulted in a longer and longer wait for the advanced party.  This was a source of some satisfaction to us but there is a down side.

Barrett house Front
Members of Sudbury and 4th Middlesex regiments.
For me marching is not a problem as long as we keep a certain pace and I can stay hydrated.  My friends in the advanced party agreed with this after more than an a half ours break at Barrett house (which is in the process of restoration) we had stiffened up and were wishing we had just gone the last two miles without waiting (not an option due to the need for Nation Park inspection before advancing to the bridge).  The last bit was the hardest and despite the fact that I assuredly was hurting I really felt I was actually in better shape at the end of this march compared to the one I did three years ago.
Barret House Back

This is a great event and I wish there were more opportunities of this sort.  Its very humbling to walk ten miles, feel how much it hurts, how heavy the gear gets and then to realize... that for the men of the Sudbury militia the day was really just starting at Concord bridge, not ending like it is for you.  We got to the bridge about noon fired our tradtional salute and headed off to Dana's uncle Ed's house for beer and lunch.

Main-body arriving at Barret house