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Friday, April 6, 2012

Red an Gray 2 Gordons pack of Grayhounds!

It was a smaller crew this week at Adler hobby and to my surprise I found my self facing Gordon in command of an American Recon List!

Any time your opponent can move 32 inches and get right up in your face before your men can even lift a shovel to dig in its Scary.

I was in a good defensive position and (since it was fair fight) I had a Marders platoon and an FJ platoon on my left to move against the objective Gordon had there... but with a horde of armored cars and HMG and Mortar Jeeps on top of my men I had to turtle!

Gordon Considerate fire on my guns and thanks to that gone to ground save we survived though the Artillery was pinned and no CO re-roll when you are FJs and your guns are Heer.

My 8.8 Flak platoon survived guns in tact but without its CO, meaning the 2ic had to stay with them limiting my flexibility.  I managed to wipe out one of Gordon's recon platoons on the left.

Turn two Gordon got two of my artillery pieces and  hit me with a devastating double wide bombardment that killed two Marders and pinned all sorts of stuff. That's the other scary thing about this list 10 self-propelled artillery tubes!

My Stugs were all in good shape and took out a Priest (with a long range 'sniper' shot and a gray hound.  My 8.8 bailed another Greyhound.

At this point Gordon pulled back a bit and consolidated on the hill bringing his artillery to bear on my artillery, my Stugs and FJpioners. I lost one Stug and my artillery got pinned. Gordon also killed an 8.8 and wiped out my Marders.

 A lot of shots from Stugs and 8.8 leadt to two more dead grey hounds and another bailled greyhound and some dead Jeeps.

At this point it was 10PM and with no resolution in sight I had to reluctantly call the game. Gordon and I agreed to call it a draw.

 I don't know who would have won but it was a great game and I definatly felt like I was being attacked by a pack of wild dogs or something when those Yanks came running right at me!