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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Red and Gray Fighting Withdrawal

After the two week hiatus I returned to Adler for game week and found my self across the table from my old freindly foe Chris and his Polish Comandos.

Above you can see my long line of troops guarding 3 objectives. Chris opted for night attack and wieghted his attack all on the right of my line.  Chris used night attack to get in close and assult my infantry.  I got one of my StuGs in to counter attack but more comands got fed in in and my first infatnery platoon broke and ran. 
At this point I was faced with choice of which platoon to withdraw.  My StuGs were the only force that could contest the objective, The 88s and artilery could finaly do something becasue day had brokend, my Marders were in Ambush and it seemed sill you withdraw them my ohter infantry was out of range and realy the only reasonable choice.
Chris was able to kill my StuGs in the ensuing assult but my Marders drove him off the objective.
The Madres then died horribly unter artilery bombardment laving me with no mobile forces and Chris with the win.

I made some errors in my delpolymetn and I should have created a Kamph Group but Chris took full advantage of my erros.

Wojteck the Fighting bear served as spoter for Chris' off board Naval artilery.