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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Campaign I would like to run

I have been turning this idea over in my mind since Gordon asked people to provide systems for a BP campaign.  Most of our BP gaming has been Napoleonics which honestly is no my favorite period.

This Blog started with  campaign between Luke and my self using an adaptation of the Sport of Kings (Age of Reason) rule set.  It was a lot of fun but I would like something a bit more complex next time, not complex in terms of rules but complex in its play more players and a more detailed map of Europe so statistic movement would be more realistic. 

The historic war I would like to use as my model is the the War of Austrian Succession. My reason for preferring this are many.  Part of it is the drama, a young King (Friedrick the Great) risks everything to catapult his nation to glory, a young Queen Maria Theresa (who should be called the Great) struggles to united and defend a divided nation.  Bavaria with French aid snatches the Imperial Crown from Austria and may have come with in an Ace of toppling that nation. A Spanish Queen schemes to find kingdoms in Italy for her children. England seeks to prevent French domination of Europe while looking for conquests over seas.  In norther Italy the Duke of Piedmont plays a dangerous game between the great nations of Austria, France, Spain and England (and wins)! France seeks to support the cadet branches of the Bourbon family and to cripple the power of her old Hapsburg rival in the Holy Roman Empire.

As you can see there are lots of players in the mix.  Many minor nations Bavaria, Piedmont, Naples, Saxony and Holland played a major roll and not just by providing troops to the major players as they did in the Seven Years War and Wars of the French revolution.

More than that there are many what if situations to explore. Friedrick the Great after taking Silesia offered to help Maria Theresa defend her other possessions, she refused but history might be very different had she accepted.

England chose to support Austria but her King might have sought to expand Hanover at Austria expense.  Russia stayed out of this war but might easily have joined on one side or the other.

The Scottish also undertook their final campaign as in independent army in this war, commonly call the '45 this was the last major attempt to over throw the Hanoverian Monarchs. The result was disastrous for the Highland clans and really they never had a chance but the idea that they might have appeals to all who love to take the side of the underdog.

I have the armies for most of the major players I just needs some other interested players.