Monday, March 30, 2020

Isolation Update 2:Going on Bear Hunt!

Its no secret to anyone with kids that keeping them entertained has been a major challenge.
Our Local community Ayer Massachusetts arranged a little activity this Past Saturday A Bear hunt. Above you can see Evelyn posing with our bears.  Visible are Pink (Evelyn's) Bumby (Ariana's).  My own bear Ted is next to Bumby with pink on his lap and is not visible.  Pink came with us on the Hunt.
What's a bear hunt you ask? well people put teddy bears our in windows, or out in their yards. 
We spent two hours walking around the neighborhood spotting bears and having a good time.
We did talk several other hunters telling them where we had spotted some good bear and getting some tips from them. This was all done following social distancing rules.
Spok Bear was my personal favorite 
There Care bears were Ariana's favorite.  Evelyn's favorite bear is her bear Pink who you can see peeking out of her jacket of the same color. It was probably the most fun I've had since this whole situation started.

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