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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Picking up brushes again

Last night was the first time since my wife went into labor on august 10th that I have picked up a paint brush or done anything hobby related.  I got the chance last night as my wife and daughter both slept to do a little work on my dragon.
 I'm very happy with how its coming along.  The details realy need a lot of time to bring out using differnt shades of blue.
 Last night I was making the horns and claws whiter and to do some work on the scales.
 I also started asembling some Tumbling Dice ships.  I put together the small 3rd rate and 4th rate ships.
 I wanted to compare them to the ships I currently have (Figurehead).  The scale is suposed to be the same.  The Tumbling Dice ships are just a little larger... but not enough to keep me from using them together.
The Tubmling Dice ships with thier ratlines do look superior I look forward to painting them up.
Obligitory baby picture since I know some of you will be curiouse how she is doing.

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