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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Saga: Sacred Ground Battle of the Henge

 Last Thursday John and I set up a game of Saga Using the "Scared Ground" Scenario using my new stone circle as the center piece instead of a hill.  John was running a Britons war band complete with Arthur in command.  It was an all Heartgard war band and typically John doesn't use any Heartgard.  I'm running the Norse-gales.
 Part of his force is mounted and they quickly get to the right flank hill, John and I both have troops on the left flank hill.
 I send my men in to evict John's men form the left flank hill. I use my battle boar ability of "slaughter" and it is truly a slaughter I trade six warriors to kill 4 heartgard.
 Arthur's legendary power makes quick work of a unit of Irish warriors (javelin armed).
  My unit of Heartgard on the right flank hill faces Johns mounted troops and slaughter again ensues,  on of my soldiers is still standing claiming points for the ground.
 John has Arthur and his band charge my center Heartgard unit and they are destroyed (John used some really nasty battle board skills I can't recall the names of).  My Warriors gain some revenge with howling axes and Slaughter every one of them dies by they each take a Briton with them.
 Its down to my warlord and Arthur.  Both warriors go in throwing every thing they have at each other....
Excalibur and my dane ax both find flesh and bite deep as both great men fall.  The surviving troops on both sides cannot get at each other for additional combats so appropriately this was the last fight.  Scenario points were even though we forgot total up slaughter points.  Still with both Warlords dead how could it be anything but a draw.