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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Last Days as Adam

Teddy bears do a quality control check on the Pack and Play
So that's an odd name for a blog post since I am not doing a name change.  Still with my daughter being born in a few days I have been thinking over the fact that from now on my life won't be lived for myself but for her.  This has actually been true for a few months now as we make preparation but I have still been able to take "a day off" to live my life in its customary fashion.  A day is coming this week or next where that will no longer be the case.   I don't think this event it "the end of my life" but is the end of the way I have lived my life.  I will still be reenacting, painting and gaming when I can. That said you may not see as much out put (indeed this has already been a light year for posts) and some of the posts you see might be "cute" baby related pictures like the 1:1 scale "terrain piece" above. Yes both my wife and I still have our childhood teddy bears mine is on the left and has the creative name of "Ted" her's is to the right and has the name Bumby (she doesn't recall where that name came from).  So you have been warned.  My life as Adam may soon be "over" but my life as Dad is just beginning and I'm looking forward to the adventure.  With any luck my daughter may one day be playing wargames along side me or maybe you'll see me turning my terrain building skills to doll houses... Most likely I'll be pulled in directions I never imagined. I know two things for sure right now 1) I have no clue how hard this is going to be and 2) I also have no clue how fun its going to be... I am pretty sure its going be both... wish me luck friends.