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Friday, March 17, 2017

Saga Retreat: Vikings running from Anglo Saxons

 John has picked up the new Aetius & Arthur supplement and we decided to try the retreat scenario from that book. I won the roll and opted to be the defender. My men start off with a fatigue marker each.  I was playing Vikings this time and had two units of Warriors with banners.  A unit of 8 Hearthguard and a unit of 4 Berserkers.
 John's slingers run up and take the first shot but I save the few hits he managed (I used the Asgard ability to make his shot harder.
 My Berserkers try to charge John's shield wall but he picked up my fatigue marker to shorten my movement.  I fell short which was doubly bad since I had Frig ready to remove the marker once I was in combat.
 John's Gall-Gaedhil charge my Berserkers and a savage clash ensues 7 Gall-Gaedhil die as do all 4 Berserkers.
 The first clash of warriors ensues.  I killed to of John's men and lost one of my own in hind sight I should have used Thor and hopefully knocked his unit below 10 figures but I was more concerned with getting men out alive.
 Thus the main action of the day begins as my "Red Wolf" unit backs away...
 and is chased.  I keep playing it carefully fighting defensively especially as John is using side by side and saga abilities to roll giant fist fulls of dice. John does hurt my men but I manage to limit the damage.
 With one turn to go I have moved my warlord over to make sure the "Red Wolves" can escape... My other Warrior unit and Hearthguard are with in easy distance of the table edge.
John's final assault drives in several additional warriors of mine fall though the unit survives. On my side of the turn I get everyone off the board.  I won this one easily mostly because this scenario (unlike the others we have played) seems to lack something.  The defender has to make about 4 turns of movement in 6 turns and that's not difficult to do some other wrinkle is needed to make it a more interesting game