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Friday, March 3, 2017

Saga: "God will Recognize His"

This game was from last Thursday(2/23) John and I met for some Saga his Anglo-Saxons against my Norse-Gaels I've been quite busy and haven't had a chance to post these. We did the "God will Recognize His" which features "Endless War Bands" on both sides.
The objective is to come to grips with the enemy and kill as many as possible but I can't quite resist try to take the high ground. This was a mistake as it took a unit of the action.
John and I move against each other in the gap between the central hill and those on the flank.
My Hearth Guard and John's Gael-Galhaed clash on the left.. The fight was bloody and comes out slightly to my advantage.
While my Norse-Gaels warriors clash with the his shield wall.  My full group fell but they took out many of John's warriors at the same time.
My Javelins take out the last of the Gael-Galhaed and then my men and I kill John's warlord. We follow up by killing off the slingers behind him.
I then make a critical error despite taking out john's troops on the far side of the board but I forgot to mover my Warlord back and John kills him.
John brings back a large unit but at this point he decided its not worth letting me kill more men.  The game ends with John out scoring me 21 to 15 a clear victory for the Anglo-Saxons.

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