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Extra Life
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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Challenge Update #7

I've held my position at 12 and am very happy with that result given how busy I have been.
 My Curt Geld done in cooperation with JohnM is done.  He did Voltaire I did Fredrick the Great both from Eureka miniatures.
 Mike John's regiment of the Army of Draconia is completed. They look pretty sharp in Red and Pink.
I also did a small unit of Grenadiers in the uniforms of Regiment Johns and Von Sheppard.  I'm 289 Points short of my target with just about 3 weeks to go in the challenge.  I have my bonus round entry pretty much ready to go it should bring me 60 points so I will need 80 points per week from here on.  Its going to be tight.