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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Ancestry DNA and Challenge update

For Christmas my wife gave me an Ancestry DNA test.  I won't say I found many surprises though there were a couple. Irish  heritage dominates (my mother has long claimed to be 100% Irish) with the "Western Europe" chunk is the next biggest chunk this and the "Italian/Greek"is my almost certainly form my dad's French Canadian father. The "Great Britain" portion probably comes form my dad's Mother's family though some of that might be on moms side (some of those Irish folks have very English names)
The Italian Greek part was a bit of surprise though I believe Carriere is a name that originates in the south of France so Italian influences are unsurprising as is the Iberian influence.  The Scandinavian trace is something one would expect in someone who's ancestors mostly come form the British Isles  The Middle Eastern trace is interesting... I suspect its from very far back.
I've dropped one spot in the standing (Well done KeithS) but this total doesn't include anything form the bonus round so it might improve when those points are calculated. Two entries this week.
The Regiment of the Bishop Prince Paine of the Draconian Empire
The new Pikeman's Lament rule set and the challenge have finally gotten me to paint these old armored pike men painted up. They have been kicking around my dead lead box sine the early 2000s.

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