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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Dragon Rampant Defending the Indefencible

After several weeks away from gaming Dave and I got together at the Relentless Dragon for Some Dragon Rampant.  We had planned on a multi player game but the other bailed out so Dave and I took the Defending the Indefensible scenario form Lion Rampant.  I won the roll as the attacker.
Dave had a Dwarven army, small be tough units with lots of buffs.  My own Human army was larger with mostly average quality units and very few buffs.
As attacker I moved first and did well with my first turn advancing forward with offensive heavy foot and Heavy horse.
Dave's Heavy foot backed by some skirmishers are holding the objective (we used a field). Turn 2 I failed my first command check, giving Dave a good chance to close up his forces.
I did get my cavalry around the nest turn.  Dave and I agreed to use a flank rule.  You had to start behind the front of the enemy (more that 50% of your unit).  The defender would get to turn to face on a 7 or better (loosing wall of spears).  If the defender didn't turn to face he would lose a point of armor.
To the far left my light cavalry is dancing with a unit of elite foot.
I just barely made the command check to launch my flank attack.  I drove Dave's troops back but not off the objective.
The White Willows follow up the attack, they can't shift the dwarves but do damage them.. then fall back.
My elite foot then hit the dwarven Heavy Foot...
Finally the Dwarves are broken... 
Mid-game I'm in good shape Dave has a large infantry formation at the top left but he's been unable to move it for the last two turns. 
Dave's Elite infantry advances on my light horse
 and they evade killing a dwarf as a bonus
My Elite troops are no on the objective.
Cavalry clash and the dwarves throw my men back.
But the Dwarven position is grim.
Dave's Elite infantry command unit routs one of my heavy horse
My Elite Cavalry command unit joins the fray driving back the Dwarven cavalry
Though I come with in a point of failing my own courage test.
Dwarven heavy foot (offensive) advance under a shower of arrows.
Bellicose foot take the dwarven cavalry and break them
Dave's command stand holds its ground against my command driving the human cavalry back
The last desperate charge of the Dwarves is met by my elite infantry...
and driven back.  The Dwarven army is broken I simply had too many troops and Dave's effort to hold the flanks kept most of his men away form the main objective of the battle.