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Friday, July 29, 2016

Dragon Rampant: The Bloody Cross Roads

I got together with Frank, Mike Dave and Dave's two sons last night We set up this cross roads tavern table with terrain that Mike made. 
 The scarecrow with a vulture of it is an especially nice touch.   We had a agreed to a 45 point game I took Mike as a sub commander while Frank had Dave's son Will as his sub commander.  We used standard Dragon Rampant rules but each player could move his formations until he failed his command check so that you wouldn't miss a turn because your partner made a bad throw. 
 I had the Green and white army with its barbarian allies.
 Frank and Will had Frank's Kroot  based army
 Will started the Kroot moving on our right opposite me.
  Mike had better activation dice as our barbarians crossed the stream to delay the Kroot war beasts moving to turn our flank.
 Only my elite infantry moved up Mike got a unit of heave horse and heavy foot moving toward the cross roads in support.  The rest of the army must be finishing breakfast or something.
 Franks War beasts charge and the heavy hose counter charge
 The fight is a draw with both sides falling back battered, both sides lost two men.
 Another unit of War Beasts charges my elite purple cloaked infantry...
 They a cut down by half and must fall back.
 by the 3rd turn I we have started to establish our line.  Frank is effectively using magic to slow us down...
 On the left our light horse fall back and just barely manged avoid hand to hand combat with the War Beasts
 The Men of the White Willow clash with another unit of War Beasts and drive them back.
 Frank's winged Kroot leader(using the heavy horse) drives back my elite infantry but a counter attack by the army leader (elite horse) drives him back.
 The White Willows engage Frank's light riders (with wizardlings)
 After a flanking march that seam like it took ages my second unit of Heavy riders is at last in position and drives into to Will's Bellicose foot.  These guys are deadly in attack but are poor defenders.
 We finally have them our flank attack working...
 A second attack the following turn drives into the footmen who failed their wild charge attempt
 We also get in hits on the heavy missile troops who have been doing us much annoying damage
 Frank's War bast try to break the White Willows but are driven off... The Bellicose foot breaks when it tries to rally..
Leaving my heavy foot to break the heavy missile troops.  Frank had gotten a War beast unit over on the left after breaking our light riders (though they got in a few good hits first) but we have two units of heavy infantry on the cross roads and a unit of bellicose foot and two horse units to support them.  Frank has two badly battered units left and opts to withdraw leaving the Green and White army to hold the field.