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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Stone "Circle" for Frostgrave and other games.

I was very happy with how the standing stone came out so I decided to make a stone "circle" for the table as well.
As you can see I didn't cover it with snow in part bacause I want this to be useful for games other than Frostgrave. I have a plan for adding snow to it... you'll see it in a few days or weeks. Even if I don't add snow it still works... clearly some stange magical field has kept every thing gree and growing in the midtse of the snowy desolation
As you guys can see I have gone with the painting the rocks aproach again becasue I wanted the three stones to match
Once your done admiring my crating skills take a stoll over to Rays blog and check out Ray's I Million hit Give Away. 

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