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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Viking Bondi

With new troops Joining Cuthwulf's war-band I picked up the Wargames Factory box of "Viking Bondi" and was very pleasantly surprised. The poses and sculpts were better than then figures in the Viking Thengs box set.
Here are the First two units worth of them. some of them will be mixed in with existing units to give them a better look the spear-men will be there own unit.
Banner man for the new unit once again using one of Ray's flags.
Runic Shield for this fellow.
I kept the shields simple this time.
These guys went together a lot better and there were no awkward one like up stances to deal with
I striped the tunic since we don't hae armor to paint this time.

Another striped tunic.

The Blue came out really well for this guy

One of my signature swill pattern shields

Spear men these guys will probably act as a unit either all six together as warriors or 4 of them as "skirmishers" if I ever get that kind of mercenary troops
I went with a dark color palate for the troops but

A little bright color color for the shield.

The wash came off looking like it has blood on it.

Sorry it's hard to find new stuff to say about this many Dark age warriors.