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Friday, April 10, 2015

Raid at Grene Torr

After the blood letting of the Murder Woods Cuthwulf took the winter to rebuild his battered war band and train the new men.
 The hedge wall that give Grene Torr its name (real fortification are off board by scenario rules I cannot get with in 6 inches of the wall)
  With spring he decided it was best to launch a raid to blood his new men before risking a pitched battle word of Briton column bearing taxes and supplies to Grene Torr (Green Tower) seemed the perfect chance to give his new troops a test in the field.
 My initial position was very good (not ideal but good) unfortunately John got most of his cards in a row
 and turned to face us... (worst ambush ever)
 I tried to charge before he could form shield wall but fell short by inches.
 I did manage to get a formation into the woods to protect my flank but there is a solid line of troops between me and the wagons.
Then Bergred and his troops strike at John's elites (leaving the woods) and the dice went very well. Though as elites troops should they proved very resilient
 My new Noble Deorling the one-eyed leads his band forward and takes one of the wagons.
 I backed Cuthwulf and his three groups away form the shield wall looking for room to maneuver. John tried to move is troops in to take Burgred but I used step forth to activate him.  I couldn't withdraw but hoped I might defeat the elites all I need was to kill one man or get two shock to break them... but I could not! John's large group of warriors joined the fight and Bergred and his men were out of the fight.
 John has two carts still making of the Grene Torr and I have 1.  to the left I have 3 groups John has two shield walls, his elites are in desperate straights but his Lord has removed some of the shock.
 Feeling some what desperate I charge its not a flank attack but with three groups against two and with the Briton Elites damaged its probably my best choice
 The fight is savage but lose only 4 elites and drive the large group of elites off, John's elites are still holding but in difficult shape.
 At this point I made an error I should have gone after the carts but I though I had an opportunity to break John's moral. I charge the levies, I deal a lot of shot but the second turn when the warriors join in I take many causalities.
 As you can see the carts were still in play... (though getting them out might have been hard)
 Deorling charge in to save my other troops a lot of damage is doen on buth sides I fall back with only two men left though John's men are in bad shape too.
 My two elite gorups are hurt and have a lot of shock I turn the one int he center to take John's elites...
 We are successful and John rolls high when checking on the moral table his moral plummets to 1.  John now begins to pull his men back toward the torr... it will all come to the order the cards are drawn in and what ones I have in my hand.
My card comes up first and I have the Carpe Diem card still both of us are rolling 5 dice I get 4 hits and break John's group of Warriors and his armies moral is broken giving me a win.  I lost 20 men and John lost 12 but my purstite card raise my victory from 1 to 5 a very significant victory. The pull of a card made a swing from a 3 point victory for John to a 5 point victory for me.  I was very lucky.