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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Fighting Withdrawal against the Soviet Horde

Sunday was a quiet day at the Whiz but I found Ricardo there and he has soviet army he wanted to test out and I was happy to oblige him.  He was running Guards Tankovy from Desperate Measures while I had 116 Panzers from Panzers to the Muse. I had thought to run on of my gray wolf lists but the Whiz wireless network was down so I could not bump any of them up to 1900 points. (I also forgot my camera so we got a few pictures form Ricardo's phone)
Here you can see my troops defending the line of the road with two Platoons of Panzer Grenadiers. Facing them is a large platoon of T-34s and a smaller one of IS-2s
My third Panzer Grenadiers are in the woods in the center, their halftracks sent to the rear as they are only targets against more than 30 Soviet tanks.
Another Platoon of T-34's is threatening my open right flank.
On the left I lose on Panzer IV right off. My return fire gets only one hit.
On the Right I spring my ambush but only got one bailed out tank my shooting was good but I am doing badly with my fire power rolls.
Ricardo took out on StuG I maneuver for space and time. 
Brought in my Panzer IVs and kill one T-34 and bale out two more but suffer greatly from the return fire.
Smoke slows things down a bit on the left but Ricardo is closing in.
My poor luck with shooting continues but Ricardo is running out of time.  He had to make a charge on the left but my Panzerfaust armed troops took out 4 T-34s and bailed several others.  It was a hard end for a some one who had played a very good game. Hopefully Ricardo's travel schedule will allow him to get to the Whiz in the future as it was a very interesting game.