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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Blackpowder 1813 Some where in Flanders

 A Village somewhere in Flanders 3 French infantry and 1 Cavalry Brigades must hold the  town cross roads against 2 Allied Cavalry and 4 Infantry brigades. I have men in the buildings (see the skirmishers)
 My second brigade is on the right side with Mike's infantry.
 Mike's troops extend along the stone well.
 A mixed army of Prussian and British troops English Cavalry and infantry on the left and a mass of Prussians on the right.
 British cavalry moving forward in column attacks the attention of my artillery.
 Prussian troops advancing forward.
 The English Cavalry is stalled by fire form my infantry in the buildings and my artillery
 Cavalry clashes on the far side of the field.
 Prussian infantry assaults the center...
The Prussians suffer heavy casualties.....
 and they are thrown back...
 Cavalry charges the gun... I lost the gun but the cavalry was cut down by fire from the buildings.
 Cavalry battle continues and the Prussians continue to throw them selves against the stone wall
  A French blunder roll gets them on to the flank of Prussian troops...
Bill launches one last cavalry charge taking out my last gun... 
But they are broken in combat with my infantry and my flank holds the critical cross roads.  Mike's infantry is broken but his Cavalry is still in the fight barely and my second infantry brigade is able to extend to the right and hold the wall. The British infantry final get in the fight but I hold the village. Both Allied Cavalry brigades and two Prussian infantry brigades are broken... Its a French victory though both armies are reeling like punch drunk fighters.

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