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Monday, February 24, 2014

Raid on Pits Landing at Total Confusion

After months of hard work painting, play-testing and building terrain Adrian,
Cortland, Jon and I are finally ready for our Raid on Pits landing game at Total Con. 
A French and Indian force will seek to burn an encroaching English village.
Adrian goes over the rules

The Commander of our French Regulars makes ready his troops.

Hey isn't this a surprise attack?! The English provincials are ready.
Our French and Indian Players prepare to advance.
I see the french but were are the Indians (Musket and Tomahawk gives Indians and Rangers hidden movement).
There is a lot of movement in the woods but I don't see any one...
There the are! Indians and Ranger appear almost on top of each other.
Close in hand to hand fighting occurs almost at once.

And the Natives drive the Rangers back!
Its looking a little grim for the rangers caught in the open!
Provincal troops see natives boiling out of the woods and move to protect their flank.
Another force of Rangers springs and ambush on the French regulars but are shooting poorly
Another group of French Regulars move to flank the rangers as British Redcoats arrive marching to the rescue.
The Indians have charged the Rangers and driven them back over the village wall.
Then they come swarming over the wall attacking the Provincials with tomahawks and scalping knives.
The French regulars suffer a heavy volley from the Redcoat company in the village.
The First rank of Provincials is driven back but...
the second rank charges home supported by three rangers.

It goes better for the Indians than the Provincials but the Rangers are taking their toll.
Our French officers is suddenly alone his men swept away by the fire of the Redcoats.
The hard fighting of the rangers and a devastating volley from the redcoats turn the tide and the natives flee for the woods as victory slips from their grasp.
The remaining unit of French regulars fights a rear guard action allowing the remaining natives to escape to their long house in Canada.
This was a tough scenario for the attacker but they came within a turn of getting at least a minor victory.  The Figure scale was 54mm and the rules were Musket and Tomahawk. Every one had a good time and we got some good suggestion on how to make a better game next time. More pictures of the event can be found on my facebook page.