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Sunday, February 16, 2014

1814 with Boston Trained band

 A panorama of the impressive table Rich Clayton and Chris Bergi of Boston's Trained Band.  The Russian's, Prussians and Swedish troops are long the front and left while the french are on the right.
 My command two Cavalry brigades each with two dragoons, one has Currasiers and Chassurs a Cheval
 My mission is to get as much space for the French on left heading for some high ground so we have space to deploy.  One brigade did really well command role wise, the other did not.
 My Brothers in the French infantry are off to a slow start leaving my advance brigade the sole focus of all the Allied fire. All things considered to get off lucky My Currasiers take two hits and are disordered but other wise I am OK.
 I charge a the Cossacks who have advanced on my hill but they flee and I am now exposed to several guns that I though I would get to "sweeping advance"
 But we have gained space and time. as infantry and guns come up we want to hold the flanks and push up the center our aim is a the point were the Prussinn and Swedish forces meet which we view as a weak point.
 Three turns of fire with constant disordering hits leave my cavalry doomed (this is my greatest issue with Blackpowerd an exposed disordered unit can do nothing to save it self, it can't even run away).
 Still we have pressure on the Prussian force in the house and a strong infantry line to hold the left. (my other cavalry has fallen back behind the infantry line).

 My two dragoons regiments (one from each brigade) go down swinging they get in a few hits then break the best I could hope for really.
 Prussian cavalry get shot to pieces but still takes the gun.

 The French push in the center is under way with heavy combat around the large hose.
 Panoramic image of the battle at this point.
 Allied cavalry bares down on the French left...
But the attack stalls on squares and the resistance of the French cavalry.    Sadly we had to call the game at this point as there is a snow storm brewing out side.  It was any ones battle at this point and its too bad we had to call it.  Rich is planning to run something like this a Huzzah this May.