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Thursday, February 13, 2014

More Rebel Artillery

I started these boys before vacation but only just got them finished. Adding them to the other guns I already had finished I have a formidable artillery park.
3 inch Ordinance Rifles I will use these are Light rifles most of the time for long street
I like the fellow who has removed his shell jacket and is mopping his brow being a gunner is hot work.

a pair of 12 pounder Napoleons the work horse artilery of the American Civil War 
As you can one of the crew has captured some pants form a Union artlerist light blue with a red strip.
Like the "butter nut" uniform with the red artillery Kepi these were actually fairly rare but I like how they add some color.

A pair of Parrot Rifles that I obtained on ebay from Jack's Last Cracker which is quickly becoming  a favorite miniatures source for me.
I had to touch up one of the cannon Barrels after it bent in transit but otherwise I couldn't be happier
I plan to use these for Heavy Rifles in Longsreet though in truth they are not much heavier than the 3 inch Ordinance and the Union actually re-bore them to match latter in the war so as to simplify their ammunition logistics.