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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

X-Wing at Game Castle First Game of the New Year.

Ted commanded the Empire but Rob handled the rules.
I had some new ship and Ted had a new "star mat" and some folks are burnt out of Flames of War so we did star-fighter combat instead.

 In the First game it was Wedge Antilles against....

 Darth Vader (oh Crap!)
We Closed fast and Vader go my shields! Vader is so cool he didn't get a scratch!
 I Barely got around in time to get a shot back at Vader on the next pass but it was too much even for Wedge.

 The Next game I had Luke and Wedge against Vader and two imperial pilots. I wanted to try and pick one TIE at a time. My intention was to use Luke to absorb shots as he had R2 and good defensive abilities.  Naturally Ted only shot a Wedge!
 After a pass and a turn I had gotten one TIE but Vader had stripped Wedge of his shields.
 We closed again Wedge took more hits but so did Vader.
 Luke took out Vader on the next pass
 Then it was two on one and the TIE was in trouble.
Victory for the Rebel Alliance.