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Extra Life
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Thursday, January 31, 2013

The New Place

Its been a busy week.  On the day I helped memorialize Andrew there was another major undertaking under way. Ariana a band of friends: Jason, Angela, Jackie, Barry, Ann Marie, Jen and Ariana's brother Travis move us out of our old apartments and into the new one.  I am grateful to them and to Ariana that I could be with Andrews family on a day she had every right to expect me to be with her.
Our new Living Room

I have been cleaning up the old place, unpacking and helping Ariana's roommate Jason move out this week so no painting, or gaming has gotten done.  I might make it to the Whiz Sunday and will be at Game Castle on Tuesday.
The Kitchen as seen form the living room
Unpacking is still underway and we realized we need some serious additional shelving for kitchen items and my books.  Still the place is coming together.
The all important painting nook is established (though not fully unpacked) at the back of the living room.