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Extra Life
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Friday, January 11, 2013

2013 Gaming Plans

Painting Goals

1. Finish Grand Duchy of D'Argent's Army and get it in a game.
2. Finish Painting the Geibgsjager troops for Flames of war
3. Paint opponent nations for D'Argent to fight in demos. 
4. Paint at least one unit for sale on Ebay per month.

Gaming Goals.
1. Host a game at my new Apartment.
2. Run at least two games at gaming events.

Ariana and I secured a new place to live. Old English Village in Lowell is very close to my old place and we have a lovely one bed rooms with space of a gaming table.  The move will be at the end of the month.  Painting updates will be in short supply after I finish off my current project.  Gaming time will also be limited but I will post what I can when I get a game in.