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Friday, January 18, 2013

Guard D'Argent

The Guard D'Argent is the premier regiment of the Army of D'Argent, responsible for the Duke's security and for securing the Place and the Ducal family.
 They were the same gray coat as all of D'Argent's Infanty regiments but Cuff, and Small Cloths are dyed Purple (the color of royalty since ancient times).  The guard is also distinguished by silver buttons and lace on both hats and coats. The intend message is Elite but not Elitist as any soldier of D'Argent can hope to serve with the guard.
 The Guard draws about half its membership in peace time from young nobles and functions as a military and diplomatic academy for these scions of the nobility.  Here they receive training form some of the best NCOs and officers in the nation and learn to inter act with their betters at court and in the field. The Regiment also provides contingents to D'Argent's Embassy abroad a plum posting for a young noble or a distinguished retirement for an old Soldier.    
 In war time many of these young noble men (and some of the NCO's) will be used to provide officers for new regiments or to bring other up to strength. These are replaced by picked men from the regular infantry who are eager to join the Elite regiment of the nation.
 War time service with the guard is hard as they are always at the point of attack and the last regiment off the field when things go wrong. Casualties are as a result usually high but the Duke never lacks for new candidates despite the danger.