Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Challenge X Entry #14 Corvette and Merchants

From Adamc: Corvette Schooner (35 points)
Another set of conversion made from two brings "surgically" separated and then reconnected. The main mast was again the biggest problem. The main mast is actually slightly cocked to the side, I was able to get it almost straight with the rigging but it’s still there even if no one but me can see it (at least I hope you can’t see it).
First up is a 24 gun Corvette, a favorite light warship of the French Navy playing much the same role as the Sloop of War in the English and American Navies. This one is a little bigger than the Berceau captured by the USS Boston and then returned to the French and later captured again by the British.
I cut down an extra stern plate from a frigate to make cabin windows for which I think really adds something to the ship's appearance, sort of wish I had done it for the Sloop of War.
Here is the Berceau alongside the USS Delaware the corvette is slightly bigger 24 guns vs 22 guns.
Another combination of brig parts, this time built as a topsail schooner a popular design for trade vessels and Privateers.
I had to build the mizzen mast from scratch, and it came out look pretty good I think its a little large but not overly large. Rigging was a challenge on this one since there are no guides, but I think it came out pretty good. 

She's painted in generic colors because she will probably switch sides fairly often serving at merchant in need of protection. 
This ship started life as a 1/1050 GHQ ship a frigate, I believe it’s on the small side but should work as a small coasting vessel. The ships didn't have masts which made them hard to manages but this one at least now has new life. The jib sails are from tumbling dice the other sail is a piece of cloth.
Here are the two merchants’ side by side the smaller ship looks reasonable even if it started as a ship of a very different scale. Points I figure 15 for the Corvette, 10 points for the schooner and another 5 points for the coasting vessel. There are a few flags that might be worth a few extra points. 


Reconnecting corvettes? Sounds crazy, and I don't even know what a "mizzen" is! Well done Adam, you continue to impress with your nautical efforts. I'm going to toss in an additional 5 points for the general nuttiness of boat surgery, a home-made "mizzen", and all of the other conversion work you have done here to bring us these fine vessels. Great work. 


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