Friday, May 22, 2020

Black Seas the state of the fleets

The USN Currently stands at 11 ships 1 "super" Frigate and five 5th-Rates. I also have one sloop of war (treating is as a 6th rate).  I have 5 Briggs (all of which can switch out colors to serve in other fleets).  There is also the Turtle.  I have The United States in the shipyard currently and the Essex coming thanks to a friend's 3d pinter
The Royal Navy is currently at all of one Frigate currently. They will be getting a few 3D printer reienforcements soon.
Here are the the Scratch builds. Two costal vessels, Gunboats, two Xebbecs, a Small Merchant (or possibly a Sloop of war/corvette) Three Schooners and two sloops.  I nice mix to use a fleet suport, privateers, coastal defence or pirates. 
Last we have the French 2 Frigates, a Corvette (6th Rate) and three Brigs (again they can be reflagged for other service).  They will also see some reenfocement form my friends 3D printer.  I'll probably also pick ups some more stuff form Warlord when money is more available.  My friend Arofan is providing the pints to me for free and I can't express how thrilled I am to be getting them.