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Friday, September 28, 2018

Saga Irish and Vikings battle in the Sacred Forest

 John and I met for our first game in a long while.  John had found a cool scenario called the Sacred Forest so we decided to give it a go.  I had Irish with Brian Boru, two champions, 4 Hearth guard, two units of 10 warriors, a short unit of 4 wolf hounds and the Gael-Gahie (SP check). John had Vikings under Ragnar with 4 Hearthguard, 4 Berserkers, 8 Warriors, 12 slinger and...
 a unit of Shield maidens.
 The Bad Squido huntress got her first game leading the dogs... as we both rushes for the forest (if you have more troops in it than your foes at the start of your next turn you get extra points.
 So there were lots of double moves early on and the red shield champion is trailing one my new fatigue markers....
 John's warriors out did him in combat and soon he has a whole murder of crows fallowing him.
 MyForeign Gaels  and warriors push froward and drive back the viking slinger... I didn't get them below six but they are out of the forest and to scared to come back.
 Units start piling up in the forest and in the mid game I didn't take as many pictures as I should have.  John's Warriors had a really good day.  Killing red shield  and forcing Boru to "run" for his life.  I killed of John's Bersekers getting two with Sons of Dana and then the other two fell to my warriors. Ragnar's Hearthguard killed Boru's Hearthguard.
 My Green champion managed to kill the last Hearthguard but died in the battle himself.  Boru faced viking warrios...
He survived but was defeated and made his single biggest move of the game. 
The Foreign Gaels battle Ragnar... they almost get him... 4 of them die but they exhaust Ragnar.
 Ragnar used some battle board abilities to reduce his fatigue and charged in he hit them hard but with the eye for an eye ability...
 They manage to kill Ragnar... though only one of them survives.

 John took a shot at Borue who was exhausted... but I had Blood of Kings and Heart of Ireland both working... so he would still be able to cancel two hits. He also rolled a six on his one die getting three hits (two from Heart of Ireland)
 Boru survives by the thinnest margin... he even got two kills out of the fight (watch out for old men with swords!!!)
The Shield maidens also fall.  I won this one but a score of 9 to 7.   I like running Boru but he has some real down sides that I am not sure are balanced out by his liablities... the short unit of wolf hounds probably wasn't a good idea I have to consider getting more or going with more warriors.

So the results are not quite as listed above.  Review of the rules indicates that the use of Heart of Ireland was incorrect as an exausted warlord cannot use resiliance .  John has written up the respsults and a review of the sceneario here The Sacred Forest John won 10 to 9. 

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