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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

The Dragon's Army

On June 23rd and intrepid band of players face off at the Amherst Makers Space game day.  Lex and Amon run and army of monsters (lead by a Dragon) facing William and Patric with an army of humans.

The Monsters were quick to advance the Werebat striking pose on the old stone circle.
The humans moved up quickly in the center the Militia (who mus not have know better) leading the way.
Amroth the Dragon took a place in the ruins (I gave him cover but shouldn't have opus)
He's flanked by werewolves...
Who quickly charge the pike men but then fall back
Orcs, Gnolls and Giants advance on the far side...
The Orcs charge in on the pike men before they can close up but are driving back in disorder.
Cavalry begin to duel with the Gnoll leadership who didn't know that infantry isn't supposed to charge cavalry.
Amroth dives among the militia and mane fall in bunches...
but a stinging hit gets through and Lex rolls snake eye on the moral check as Amroth recoils while the militia hold firm!  Nobody so that coming!!!
The Duel ends in mutual annihilation...
The bats strike the swords men but with out effect.
The Giants follow Up (after several times refusing to charge the pike men because "they have pointy sticks").  Swordmastes and Giants both recoil after.
Ogres and Pike men battle it out.  Both sides score hits and...
Both sides fall back battered.  At this point a few more shots from both sides missile troops are exchanged but no further combat occurs.  The humans have one more unit in fighting shape (not battered with more than half its troops) than the monsters gaining a squeaker of a victory.  We'll have to try this one again.

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