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Friday, July 6, 2018

Nuts! Makerspace Game day

During the afternoon of the Maker Space Game day I was able to play in John Paul's game of Nuts.  I've read about Nuts but never had a chance to play.
I had on infantry section (4 men under a corporal) and a light tank under may command.  While troops are fairly basic they are each unique making the game a bit like an RPG.
My fellow players and I are trying to get information on the local defences.  John Paul is running the Germans in a game master role.
We push in dismounting from the jeeps as German's are spotted and shots ring out.
We do pretty well winning a lot of early "draws" against the German armored cars and killing several Germans.
A fair number of German vehicles are soon burning as infantry covers the buildings.

Then the Germans get our lead tank (mine).
We are pressing ahead.  HMG fire is keeping a sniper down in the tower and and we've killed a number of Germans in the fire fight while losing only the one tank (and one Infantry man).  the game moved reasonably well once all 4 of us understood what was going on.  I like the game. Minor differences between troops can make a big difference.  Mike Pain's troops entered  building with Italian civilians he didn't have anyone who spoke Italian, I did if I had entered I could have probably gotten lots of useful information.  We had to call the game before we had a true decision but we enjoyed it.

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