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Friday, December 2, 2011

Escalatation Legue 8 Trench Fight

First let me thank all of the membership of the leagues I was pleased and flattered to receive the Sportsman Award for the last round of the league. I used my free blister to pick up a recovery vehicle that I had been eying, so don't worry the results of your vote will not be shooting at you.

Chris and I were the only players last night so after a quick dinner we set up on a glorious board that Gordon had prepared.

Chris was playing his first game with his new Toburk force and frankly made some miss calculations that hurt him. Chris set took advantage of the terrain to set up two kill zones but had to hold the other three of his five platoons off board in reserves this was the result of the miscalculation I spoke of. Chris had an 8 gun battery of 25 Pounders but although the two 4 gun sections operate as two separate platoons once on the board they deploy as one platoon.

I advanced on the closest objective Chris used his AT gun pits to kill two of my panzer IIs. I had no luck with shooting that turn. My Artillery had nothing to shoot at (except for Chris's 2iC and that seem ungentlemanly) so they stayed quiet.

Turn 3 I a was able to take out one of Chirs's AT guns and maneuver my tanks out of range of the other gun but we were held back by one of my tank hitting a mine (I did make the armor save).

Also in turn 3 Chris's artillery arrived and he double timed them trying to get the command teams near enough to contest the objective. My artillery finally had a target on Turn 4 so while while my Panzer IIs advanced on the objective my Artillery took out two of Chris's guns and my Panzer IVs also tried to bombard but did not get any hits.

That gave me the win when Chris's artillery was unable to kill one of my Panzer IIs.
Chris was a gentleman about it but but I think both of us would have liked a "do over"

Chris also unveiled his new objective marker a lovely recreation of an actual event. The visit of the Free Polish leader General Władysław Sikorski to Toburk.

And here is the picture that inspired him