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Friday, December 23, 2011

Death from above

So my First German Army was Falsherjages. I figured as nother light infanty froce they would make a good foil for my free french and on this they have generaly delivered. I about 4 years of playing them I have done a death from above mission... Chris and I decided it would be fun and Gordon supplied an Air Field for us to try to jump into, sort of a Battle of Crete set up.

I do not know if I will do another Death from above. 1) it took too long to set up and 2) I got my ass kicked and it had very little do do with Chris's normally very high standard of play. (Don't get me wrong Chris played a good game but he could have played a bad one and I would been beaten just about as badly.)

Trouble started when one of our infantry Platoons jumped off board, as did a squad from the other platoon. My pioneers came down ok but they Heavy mortars all got hurt in the sudden stop and my other support platoons were out of the game because their containers landed among Chris's HMGs!

Chris got reserves who quickly started rounding up my suport units, my Light Gun Pltoon bork and ran and my Mortar and AA gun platoons just died.

They Chris got his battery of 25Lbs to show up right behind my pionneers and my Rifle teams!

This is the before picture...

and this is the after.

With that I was making company moral check and even with fearless you should lose those eventual... that happend two turns latter... I lost another platoon and had my lost platoon show up by then but the game was already over.

This was one of my worst defeats in memory, and that includes my attack on Gorden's Italian a few weeks ago.

Finally we are at 1250 points in the league and this is the current make up of Panzer Kampfgroup Von Carriere.