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Monday, October 24, 2011

Saturday battle at 3 Trolls

Since Ariana was working Saturday(as our only common day of Saturday is date day for us, excepting her taking OT or me having a reenactment) I had a chance to visit my old friends at 3 Trolls Games and puzzles in Chelmsford MA.

For those who do not know 3 Trolls its a game store with a mix of products from children's games to miniatures and hobby products. Still the hear of the store is gaming mostly Flames of a number of fantasy games. Flames of war is played Saturday.

I was pushing two of for Soviet infantry companies, Warren Smith had the other two Soviets companies including some "Black Death" Soviet Naval infantry. Dick (the store owner) commanded the Soviet Artillery.

The game lasted about 5 turns and was a simple kill and break through game 2800 point on the soviet side against 1600 points of German Grenadiers. The Germans started dug in and were commanded by Charlie and Harry.

Warren had limited cover on his side of the board and Dick's less then godly rolling as the "red god of war" lead to his assault bogging down at the river. Some units did cross but were killed by German troops.

My force took advantage of some hills for cover and managed to assault across the rive under cover fire from 4 HMGs. It took about three turns but repeated assaults caved in the German flank eliminating an Infantry gun unit, and kill most of two infantry Platoons. I was in a great position to hold against counter attacks but could not go further. The We decided to call the game at this point since it was clear the Russians would not be able to push further but also clear that the Germans would not be able to effectively drive us out of the limited gains we had made.