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Friday, October 21, 2011

EW North Africa Escalation League (1)

Last night a number of us gathered for the escalation leage at Addler hobby in Hollis NH. Gordon and AJ had a hard fought battle that you can read about here: http://ajs-wargaming.blogspot.com/2011/10/ew-north-africa-escalation-league-1.html Aaron and I had a battle with my German Panzer company against a British Rifle company in a dug in postion with sticky bombs.

I was worried about having to pierce those defences and take an object in six tourns. Fortunatly the 'peliminary bombardment' killed three stands in one of Aarons infantry platoons providing me with the opening I need. Minfields forced me to manuver so that it took two turns to cover ground that should have taken one. Had Aaron had even one AT gun platoon or a battery with a decent fire power I would have had serious trouble.

I consentrated fire on his damage platoon pinning them and killing another stand then launched an assult with my Light Panzer platoon. I killed two more stands but his men counter attacked and the Boys AT rifle killed one of my Panzer IIcs. I failed the motivation test and my tanks fell back.

Aaron tried taking out my light tanks with his AT rifles but had no luck. Turn 3 I had my Panzer IVD Platoon and Company comander drive over the now mostly unoccuped trench and on too one of the objectives. Aarron launched a dairing assult with his reserve platoon but two of his 4 assulting units died yelling "hey guys watch this!" as the rolled 1s with their sticky bombs thus blowing them selves up not me. My counter attack kill two more and Aarrons men failed moral and british bull dog rolls. His second assult on my light panzers (hoping for a break through to let him contest the objective) also failed. By scenario rules I had the objective and the victory.

British infantry are tough I'm not sure I could have pulled this off if they had Artilery or At guns. Aaron played a good game with the army he had and was gracious in defeat, very sporting if I may us a British phrase ;)

Pictures will follow, tonight or over the weekend.