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Friday, November 30, 2018

Clash of Warlords Irish vs. Ragnar's Vikings

John and I met at Hobby Bunker for another game of Saga.  John's copy of Book of battles is still in the mail so we did the Clash of Warlords game. We did a standard game but rolled deployment C. This meant our troops had to be deployed at least M (6") form each other.   John used the same list as last game.   I had two Champions and a Personal Champion.  Two points of Warriors, 1 point of Shield Maidens, and a unit of Sling armed levys (women) I think of this as a 7 Samurai list the heroes helping defend a village from raiders.
I lead with my slingers moving them up into cover to hit the Vikings as the cam forward.
Here's a Ragnar's eye view of the village laddies.
Viking Levies came up and killed one of the women... then the Hearthguard came up and killed all but two of the ladies.  I'm pretty sure the game designers said this was a contemptible move...
John got one of my warriors with arrows from his Steppe Warriors allies.
My larger group of warriors came crashing into one unit of Viking Levies killing 7 of them and depriving John of one of his Saga Dice.
I brought in multiple javelin units and turned John's Hearthgard into a pin cushion.  I got lucky and John didn't make a single save.
John Decided that Berserkers would clearly view Shield maidens as an insult to their man hood. They charged, but  with the powerful combination of closed ranks and the "shield maiden's pride" they wiped out the Berskerkers for the loss of one of their own.
One of my Champions charged the levies but only killed one.  Sill they were driven back. 
Ragnar is now fairly isolated and after trying to wear him down with Javelins my warlord engages him for the first time.  I had both Blood of Kings and Ireland's heart in effect.  The result is..
A draw Ragnar is very hard to kill.  Ragnar kills one of my champions and then holds off the attack of a second.
My warlord reengaged again I have both Blood of Kings and Ireland's heart and Ragnar falls to my blade.  The end result when the massacre points are totaled are 10 for John and 23 for me probably our most lopsided battle since the new saga rules came out.  I think John might have been able to keep Ragnar alive had he "closed ranks"  he would have been harder to hit (6 rather than 5) and he would have been able to cancel more hits.  That said he had a better chance of killing my warlord by throwing all 8 dice in each of our combats... I did well on my saves to cancel hits and my Saga Abilities made my heroes very hard to kill. As the game wrapped up John got a call from his wife who must have asked if he had won his response: "No Adam beat me rather badly and about half his little men were women so I'm not sure how to take that. "  LOL

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