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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Bad Squiddo Shieldmaidens for Saga

Painting projects take longer these days.  These ladies have been on my work bench for a while over a month.  So long that I've actually done several WIP images over on facebook. 
 The banner woman is one of several great sculptures in this set.
 She looks balanced and alert but relaxed as if she is on guard.
 I might need to do a little extra dry brushing so she looks less dirty.
 This gal from the unarmored sword woman pack will be my Valkyrie when I use these laddies a Shield maiden unit in Saga.
 Her stance is almost like one form the I.33 manual she's ready and waiting for her foe to make the first move at which point the counter attack will be devastating.
 I decide to give her some scalp tattoos you can decide for yourself what these might be.  I figure her top layer is leather armor of some sort over her upper class tunic.
 The  other sword women have similarly balanced but more aggressive stances both having a variation on a guard similar to the "wrath" guard.  
Our second sword lady is in a similar guard in dead I think its exactly the same one except she has started her step forward with her rear leg so her whole weight will be behind the blade.  
 The Spear women are also great figures striking a nice balance between an active pose and a resting position.
 The Sax style daggers/short words are a nice feature on many of these models.  This one's is very visible.  The Sax was a common secondary weapon in the dark ages something more than a knife, not quite a sword.  
 The final spear woman has an almost tentative body language.  I imagine this lass in in her first battle, she'll probably go with the unit of female militia (Levys in Saga) I plan to field.  A noble woman gainong a little experience by guarding those who fight with slings and bows.   I tried to use colors that fit with the Dark Age color pallate  and I wanted them to look like they come from a common background with out looking uniform.

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