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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Defending the Sunke Road

Last summer John got me the Picket's Charge rules as a "baby shower gift" we finally dusted off our old Civil war troops
This game gives riffled muskets very long ranges if you use the extreme range rules (though we gave it to every one not just Veterans).  one of my units here is marked with smoke indicating a loss of fire discipline.  Basically they are to busy blazing away at the enemy to move next turn (this happened in Civil War battles)
Great shot of the Union units advancing on the sunken road.

Just before a particularly nasty exchange of musketry.
John's artillery finally got some good rolls hamming one unit and causing their brigade to falter...
Forcing them to fall back.
Fortunately John's advance on that side of the field is suffering some uneasy spirits as well.  On the other side of the table a Union charge dislodged another part of my line.... (sorry no pictures) but its certain I was in trouble.
Unfortunately John had to call the game.  I wouldn't mind another crack at it now that I have a better feel for the rules. Brigade moral is seems to be fragile especially when men start charging or the Artillery hits hard.  I enjoyed Pickets charge and would play it again though I think I still prefer Longstreet.

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