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Monday, March 19, 2018

Last Game of Saga V1. Irish vs Saxons Retreet.

 Last Thursday John and I got together for our first game in a long time. I had had to cancel at least once since our operation Brevity mini-campaign wrapped up.  We opted to play Saga since I wanted to take my new Irish Army for a spin.  As I am still waiting on Saga 2 we played the original rules. I had my Irish while John ran Early Saxons out of the A&A book. We opted for the retreat scenario with me as the defender (the guy running for his life).  John put his levy archers in the blocking position.
 The Saxons are good a getting extra moves and John as me in close combat quickly.
 My Warlord and a group of warriors are quickly engaged.
 John's archer also get in a few shots.
 John Manages to isolate my warlord and the two leaders battle.  John is victorious.
 My left side troops are in disarray... Irish heathgards kill but one levy with their Javelins (poor choices on the battle board)  but my right side troops have a chance to get away.
 John drives in my Champion drives back on unit of warriors but the other takes out the remnant of one force and the other is damages.
 My Hearthgard try to break bast the levies... on a few fall still the move out of the way...
 My Champion stands alone...
 And manages to drive off his attackers this time
 On the Right my men manage stalemate of sorts giving them the chance to run...
The Champion dies fighting alone against many foes. John's Saxons beat the Irish by 21 Victory points to 17.  My would hounds and my second champion were the only troops to escape unscathed an John made very good use of his battle board robing me of 2 of 3 dice on the second to last turn trapping two units for destruction.