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Monday, January 22, 2018

Freyja's Wrath Kickstarter Lauched 1/23/18

Tomorrow see the launch of the first Kickstarter to really get me excited in a long time.  Annie Norman (AKA Dice Bag Lady) is doing a kickstarer to expand her shield maiden line of practicaly dressed Norse warrior women.  
In addition to armored lasses like these above there will also be a number of women dressed in ordinary clothing with Spears, swords, and axes.  Perfect for your home guard troops in any game set in the Dark Ages/medieval period.  They should have lots of fantasy application too.   Even the rank and file troops are individually designed and sculped, so each can be a different character. No same guy new hat here as sometimes happens with even the best miniature sets.
There will also be lady slingers, and archers even crossbows OK Vikings with crossbows are a bit of a stretch but they work for other parts of Europe (and later periods) 
One of the other things I'm looking forward to is the animals.  So far we have seen bears, beavers, moose and ravens.  There will be a just the animals pledge levels (so even if you don't like shield maiden's this is worth checking out).   I plan to make the mama bear and with the cub riding her back into an Christmas ornament for my wife. (hopefully she won't read this post LOL) 

There will also by some mythical figures a Valkyrie, a Seer and some goddesses Freyja and Hel have been mentioned so far. At the moment there is no link to the Kickstarter but I will add one when its available. Annie’s work is all top notch I own several of her "Gen 1" Shieldmaidens and they are top notch. Please consider supporting what I think of as the best one-woman operation in Wargaming.  Link is now avaible: Freyja's Wrath